Now accepting 2018 Scholarship applications

Scholarship applications will be accepted by the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce Foundation for eligible high school seniors and University of Hawaii Maui Culinary Academy students. 

The Foundation intends to award $1,000 scholarships to each selected Maui-resident high school seniors scheduled to graduate in 2017, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale through the first semester of the school year.
At least one $1,000 scholarship shall also be awarded each to selected Maui Culinary Academy students at UHMC.
Those who wish to donate or support the Foundation’s Scholarship Program may email
The Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that is the charitable and educational arm of the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce.

• Applicant must be a resident of the island of Maui.
• Applicant must have graduated from a high school on Maui with a cumulative high school grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
• Applicant must complete the application and provide all required documents by the stated deadline. The Scholarship Judges reserve the right to request supplemental materials from any Applicant.

The Scholarship Judges’ decision will be based on
• The Applicant’s grade point average (30%);
• The Applicant’s standardized test scores (20%);
• The Applicant’s high school activities, awards, honors, community activities, and employment (15%);
• A short essay (20%);
• Financial Need (10%); and
• Two letters of recommendation (5%).
All decisions by the Scholarship Judges are final.


The completed application and all supporting documents must be POST MARKED no later than March 31, 2018 and addressed to Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce Foundation, 24 Central Avenue, Wailuku, HI  96793.


Past scholarship recipients:


  • Irene B. Sagayaga, Maui High School


  • Dorothy Jane Lorenzo, Maui High School
  • Aldrina Lani Ventura, Baldwin High School)


  • Karen Mae Lazaro Ancheta, Lahainaluna High School
  • Gerilyn Mei Ling Shim, Lahainaluna High School
  • Melanie Joy Galace, St. Anthony High School


  • May-Anne Asuncion, Maui High School
  • Lance Mailem, Maui High School
  • Stephen Pulido, St. Anthony High School
  • Mark Unemori, Baldwin High School


  • Rommel Y oro Fulgencio, Maui High School
  • Audree Faith Ramil, Baldwin High School
  • Kristopher Keoki Tesoro, Lahainaluna High School


  • Shani-Leah Baloaloa, Baldwin High School
  • Andy Jay Caoile, Maui High School
  • Nelson Tomas, Lahainaluna High School


  • Summer Dela Cruz, St. Anthony High School
  • Felma Duque, Lahainaluna High School
  • Winnie Fulgencio, Maui High School
  • Melody Galace, St. Anthony High School
  • Jerlyn Malasig, Maui High School


  • Ana Manzano, Baldwin High School
  • Amme Amboya, Maui High School
  • Wendy Ragamat Guzman, Maui High School
  • Ryan Shaun Cadavona Viloria, Maui High School
  • Hannalore Cabrera, Lahainaluna High School
  • Bart-Thomas “Kainoa” Casco, Lahainaluna High School
  • Cherie Keogh, King Kekaulike High School
  • Starlette Marinas, Maui High School
  • Jenie P. Rocetes, Baldwin High School


  • Michelle Lee Sagario, King Kekaulike High School
  • Diane Kristine A. Lucena, Lahainaluna High School
  • Michelle Bonilla, Maui High School
  • Marianne Sioson, Maui High School
  • Kathy Palas, Maui High School
  • Lovely Frances Domingo, Maui High School
  • Mark Pigao, Maui High School
  • Reina Faye Yadao, Maui High School


  • Aubrey M.L. Adachi, Molokai High School
  • Rolando 0. Agtarap, Jr., Lanai High School
  • Lucelyn S. Bolo, Lanai High School
  • Christine Lagua Caraang, Lanai High School
  • Roniza Gonzales, Maui High School
  • Jonathan Leano, King Kekaulike High School
  • Cherri Lyn Marie Marinas, Maui High School
  • Mark Pacubas, Maui High School
  • Daniel-Jay R. Pascual, Baldwin High School
  • Roxanne Salvador, Lahainaluna High School
  • Falcon Nolina Napualani Suetos, Lanai High School
  • Ynez-Maria Leones Tongson, St. Anthony High School


  • Marvin Corpuz Viloria, Lahainaluna High School
  • Lester Earl Aceret Delos Reyes, Lahainaluna High School
  • Albert Andres, Lahainaluna High School
  • Tami Bermudes, Lahainaluna High School
  • Melford Lazarte, Lahainaluna High School
  • Destinie Corpuz, Maui High School
  • Eileen Domingo, Lahainaluna High School
  • Michelle Santiago, King Kekaulike High School
  • Angelica S. Cortez, Baldwin High School


  • Leonard B. Baruela, Baldwin High School
  • Kaitlin Dela Cruz, King Kekaulike High School
  • Celina Jean K.M. Hayashi, King Kekaulike High School
  • Tiare Pimentel, Baldwin High School
  • Randolf Uclaray,  Maui High School


  • Whitney Tiare Yanos Acoba, Maui High School
  • Maui Jayne Badua, Maui High School
  • Michael Gancena Bayle, Baldwin High School
  • Rowena Lani lloreta Buted, Maui High School
  • Johnelyn Cadang, Maui High School
  • Josie Gomez, Lahainaluna High School
  • Evan Conner Pascual, Lahainaluna High School
  • Lyka Marie Sarian, Lahainaluna High School
  • Jo Anne Evangelista Sula, Maui High School
  • Preston Kekoa K. Tavares, Kamehameha Schools-Maui


  • Fabrienne Cariaga, Maui High School
  • Jethro Casinas, Maui High School
  • Cady Dela Cruz, King Kekaulike High School
  • Cody Manzano Fagaragan, Maui High School
  • Kamie-Lei Fujiwara, Kamehameha Schools-Maui
  • Briana Rose Garalde, Maui High School
  • Deanna Macapulay, Baldwin High School
  • Gretchen Samonte, Baldwin High School


  • Danielle Manegdeg Calubaquib, Baldwin High School
  • Brandi Franco, UH Maui College Maui Culinary Academy
  • Kiara K. Galicinao, Lahainaluna High School
  • Jamal Williams N. Garcia, Maui High School
  • Jaydee Giron, Maui High School
  • Joey Ooka, Baldwin High School
  • Ashley Ryan Vidad, Maui High School


  • Alicia Ballesteros, St. Anthony High School
  • Paige Cajudoy, Lahainaluna High School
  • Kaylee Correa, Kamehameha Schools-Maui
  • Sai Furukawa, Kamehameha Schools-Maui
  • Mark Galiza, Maui High School
  • Junna Gazmen, Lahainaluna High School
  • Lindsay Hunt, UH Maui College Maui Culinary Academy
  • Shaina Macapulay, Baldwin High School
  • Vincent Magno, Jr., Lahainaluna High School
  • Keisha Mateo, Baldwin High School
  • Steffi Molina, Maui High School
  • Kaili Mossman, Kamehameha Schools-Maui
  • Raeann Mukini, Maui High School
  • Angelo Sanakli, Maui High School
  • Teianna-Lei Shirota, King Kekaulike High School


  • Aileen Ballesteros, King Kekaulike High School
  • Rocehelle Coloma, Maui High School
  • Kelcie Malia Molina, Kamehameha Schools-Maui
  • Alexandra Jeanel Pardico, Maui High School
  • Alyssa Jane Rosaro, Maui High School
  • Lorilei Visitacion, Lahainaluna High School
  • Dayna Yoshimura, Maui High School
  • Lorilei Zamaro, Maui High School
  • Bernadette R. Bautista, Maui High School
  • Bryson Josh Galapon, Maui High School


  • Joanne Patricia Vahmez Engracio, Maui High School
  • Chantelle Baclay, Lahainaluna High School
  • Joy Dionicia Balinbin, Seabury Hall
  • Princess Jhoy Bonilla, Baldwin High School
  • Joyce Cebricos, Maui High School
  • Sophia Fredy, Lahainaluna High School
  • Jaclyn Gorman, Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Marella Idica, Baldwin High School
  • Jaclyn May Quedding, Maui High School
  • Paris Nicole Sensano, Maui High School
  • Lliana Kahealani Phillips Tanaka, Maui High School
  • Dayna Mieko Yamasaki, Baldwin High School
  • Mary Ann Ubaldo, UH Maui College Maui Culinary Academy


  • Charwin Kenneth Andaya, Maui High School
  • Sherylynne Andrada, Maui High School
  • Jamie Advincula, Maui Preparatory Academy
  • Alssie Marie Jean Casayuran, Maui High School
  • Thomas Takeo Macadangdang Hayashi, Seabury Hall
  • Kaylee K. Harmon, Lahainaluna High School
  • Alyssa Hernandez Sumibcay, Baldwin High School
  • Micah Leval, St. Anthony High School
  • Nicole Kirsten Supnet Neilson, St. Anthony High School
  • Dean Omura, Lahainaluna High School
  • Tara-Ann Marie Pacubas, Maui High School
  • Althea Mae Kaohu R. Pittman, Baldwin High School
  • Joshua Kainoa Pulmano Schwartzlow, St. Anthony High School
  • Alyssa Michiko Yoshimura, Maui High School
  • Jayford Agbayani, UH Maui College Maui Culinary Academy


Do you see your name here? If so, please send us a quick email to update our records. Also, let us know how you’re doing – we’d love to know what you’ve been up to now: